Terms & Conditions

Booking an event with Liquid Infusion/Ellora shall be deemed to be an acknowledgement and acceptance of our terms and conditions.

Booking Form

A valid booking form and deposit are required to book an event with LI/Ellora. If either is not received, LI/Ellora reserves the right to release the date of the event.

Deposits and Cancellations

The booking deposit is strictly non-refundable. If the client cancels a function within 10 days of the event date, the full balance of the event is due this is applicable to LI/Ellora events

Travel & delivery Costs

Travel costs do apply to every event; please discuss with LI/Ellora staff the amount. These costs will be specifically mentioned in the quote. Should the event be relocated after booking the travel cost may increase.


LI/Ellora requires a parking space to be arranged for one stock vehicle, for the duration of the clients event. If you cannot provide a parking spot close to the event location there will be a $25 parking fee charged prior to your event.

Confirmation of Details

If the number of guests originally quoted on is reduced then the quoted price may become invalid, or be at a higher cost. All details in the above form & final payment are due 10 days prior to the event. After this date, reductions of guest numbers are not permitted. Date transfers will incur a date transfer cost depending on availability.

Employees of Agent

The client agrees not to employ, contract, subcontract or utilise in any way an employee of LI/Ellora (other than through the agent).

If this clause is contravened LI/Ellora (the agent) will be able to invoice the client a placement fee of six thousand dollars ($6000) per candidate employed, contracted, subcontracted or utilised in any way by the client.

Additional Guests

LI/Ellora staff will conduct a headcount during each event. If it is discovered that additional guests are present at an event, LI/Ellora reserves the right to use the bond or credit card details to cover the cost of the additional guests at a rate which may be higher than if booked in prior to the night.

Lost or Broken Glassware and Equipment

Any lost or broken glassware will be charged at $5 per glass, unless the glassware was broken by LI/Ellora staff. If the client finds glassware after the event and arranges its safe delivery to LI/Ellora, no breakage fee will apply to the returned glassware.

Any lost or broken equipment or alcohol will be charged from the bond at a reasonable amount, unless the equipment or alcohol was lost or broken by LI/Ellora staff. If the client finds equipment or alcohol after the event and arranges its safe delivery to LI/Ellora, no breakage fee will apply to the returned stock.

The client is responsible for arranging any necessary measures to protect their property against the operation of LI/Ellora services; which can include, but is not exclusive, to wine, cocktails, citruses, bar equipment and water. Whilst all care is taken, LI/Ellora takes no responsibility for any damage caused in the set-up, operation and pack-up of services and equipment. LI/Ellora does not hold responsibility for any damage caused to the clients counter tops, floors, doors or any other venue fixtures. LI/Ellora will use clients home and furniture at the discretion and responsibility of the client.

Ticketed Events / Guests Paying to Attend     

A client is required to inform LI/Ellora prior to the event, if guests are paying to attend the function. If LI/Ellora discovers a ticketed event during or after a function, LI/Ellora reserves the right to deduct up to an additional $10 per guest per hour from the bond, or restrict services during the event.

This does not apply to hen’s nights.

Responsible Service of Alcohol

LI/Ellora is committed to the responsible service of alcohol. It is illegal to serve alcohol to a person who is intoxicated or a person who may attempt to drive a vehicle. LI/Ellora reserves the right to refuse service to any such person. It is illegal to serve alcohol to a person who is under the age of eighteen. LI/Ellora reserves the right to request valid age identification and to refuse service to a person who does not comply. In abiding by RSA, LI/Ellora will not serve shooters or doubles spirits unless previously agreed.

Safety, Violence and Theft

LI/Ellora staff reserve the right to take all stock and equipment and leave an event at any time, if they believe there is a possibility of theft, violence or any other threat to their safety or the safety of LI/Ellora stock and equipment. If this occurs, no payment or deposit is refundable.

Post Event Expenses

LI/Ellora requires either a valid credit card number or 20% of the total cost of an event to be held as a bond. A client will always be notified if an expense is to be paid from the bond. A bond will only ever be used to pay a valid post event expense. Post event expenses include, but are not limited to, lost/broken glassware, additional services, additional guests & broken equipment.

Cash Bar or Consumption Packages only

For “Cash Bars” Bar tabs or consumption bars a minimum spend may be imposed on the event. If the minimum spend is not put through the bar on the night, the client will be liable to LI/Ellora for the difference and LI/Ellora reserves the right to use the clients bond to cover the shortfall. Attendees may not bring their own drinks or alcohol to a cash bar or consumption event as it is a violation of liquor licensing laws and will incur additional charges. If the event is closed down early for any reason, the client is still liable to LI/Ellora for the minimum spend. This does not apply to pay-per-guest packages. If the full bar tab amount is not used in its entirety during the clients event the remainder is not refunded to the client post event, and no alcohol will be left at the clients event to cover the remainder.

Site visits, Inductions and Consultations

Any required inductions, site visits, lengthy consultations Will be charged additionally at a rate of $68 an hour

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