Bartender Hire

If you need staff we can supply them, including any necessary glassware and equipment.

Mixologist Bartenders

These are our most experienced cocktail bartenders, typically with 4+ years of experience. They will take whatever stock you have and work their magic to create outstanding beverages. True professionals suitable for high end events and times that you want to impress.

Food and Beverage Waiters

Able to serve food and beverages, our waiters are an excellent addition to any package you book. Guests receive personal service regardless of whether it’s a stand up function or a sit down event. If someone needs to be taken care of, our waiters will find them.

Flair bartenders

Dazzle your party guests with our professionally ranked flair cocktail bartenders who will add the wow factor to your event, flipping bottles and flaming drinks, entertaining everyone in the process. For these guys it’s as much about the exhibition and the experience as it is about the beverages.

Promotional Staff

Whether you’re selling something or just trying to impress, you may need
that someone special to really engage with your guests. It could be a topless
male waiter, a bikini clad waitress, or quite possibly someone wearing
slightly more clothes……

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Let us know what you need and we’ll tailor it to suit you.

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