Fresh Juice and Smoothie Bar

Be proactive and kickstart your event into detox mode with Liquid Infusion’s delicious juices and smoothies. Blended perfectly by our expert staff from the freshest fruits and veggies, you can choose what we serve, from refreshing classics to inventive, vibrant combos. Choose this option for corporate seminars and office parties as a way of promoting a sense of wellbeing to staff, boosting their immune system and energy levels with healthy juice and smoothie goodness.

Benefits of a Liquid Infusion Juice and Smoothie Bar

  • Freshly squeezed local fruits full of nutrients which detox and energize with every drink
  • Recognised as a high value product
  • Positive brand association
  • Engaging and interactive juicing staff adding to the positive experience for your guests
  • Premium industrial equipment ensuring maximum health benefits and speedy service
  • Beautiful presentation using premium disposable drink ware, barber straws and garnishes
  • Industrial Robot Coupe Juicers & smooth-running blenders

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Let us know what you need and we’ll tailor it to suit you.

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